A Week of Students' based Activities - Mathematics Section, IT Department

A week in the month of February was given to student activities that would make them think out of the box and away from the regular teaching-learning process. The Mathematics Section of Information Technology organized two activities for ACT students.  An online quiz competition to ‘Think in 3rd Dimension’ and a ‘student-led seminar’ on the topic ‘Cryptography – Then and Now’ were the two activities conducted.


Activity 1 – Quiz- Think in 3rd Dimension

Every problem has a solution, provided the term solution is defined properly. Sometimes the thinking should be different from that which is usual. Based on the theme of the quiz, the MATH section designed a quiz with questions which challenge students to a higher order thinking and reasoning skills. On February 13, 2018, in the presence Ms. Mini Punnolli – HoS, Math Section and a few staff members of Math Section, thirty-eight students from almost all the levels and departments of ACT took part in the quiz competition and winners were declared. The winners were:

Malak Said Harib Ali Al Samsami & Amani Saif Salim Said Al Halhli of ELC - First and Second position.

The third position was shared by three students:

Buthaina Salim Nasser Al Hashami, Information Technology

Jawaher Salim Marhoon Suleem Al Hatmi, Engineering

Kamla Rashid Abdullah Rashid Al Shekaili, Engineering


Activity 2 – Seminar - Cryptography – Then and Now

On February 14th, Dr. Prabhu Natarajan, presided over a workshop titled Cryptography – Then and Now

in the presence of Ms. Mini Punnolli – HoS Math Section and Math Staff members. Three Advanced Diploma students made a presentation about Cryptography on this special day. Ms. Sara Mohammed Ahmed Al Mujaini and Ms. Mazna Khalifa Ali Al Ghafri made a presentation about the need for Cryptography, the uses of Cryptography during WWII and the recent trends in Cryptography. To support these theoretical presentations, Mr. Saad Mubark Jumah Al Mushifri showed the connection between Mathematics and Information Technology and demonstrated how to encrypt and decrypt a message using an algorithm.

Dr. M. P. Kulandaivel gave the vote of thanks and the program ended well.