Academic Affairs  is responsible for organizing strategic planning, allocating resources, administering policies and promoting high standards of achievement in ACT. The college aspires to be recognized as a premier public undergraduate institution and to be an exemplar in education in sustaining and advancing the nation.

The Academic Affairs Office

ACT helps students acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a better life. We develop the youth of Oman through education and extra-curricular activities and shape their future. The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs works across the college to enhance the quality of undergraduate education.

Part of the college mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop intellectually, ethically, socially, culturally, and personally. In relation with other departments, Academic Affairs ensures that the academic programs and learning environment support the college mission.

Our faculty members are dedicated to providing our students with knowledge and skills to make a difference in their chosen endeavor. Likewise, they always have time to attend to our students' needs.

Part of the college mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop intellectually, ethically, socially, culturally, and personally.

Academic Departments

Business Studies

The Business Studies Department conducts need-based training and management development programs and encourage students to perform innovative activities. The Department exposes the students to the real workplace through industrial visits, and guest lectures from various managerial experts in the industries. In this way, students can have the experience in the industrial arena that will equip them for a better understanding of varied aspects of Business Administration.


The Engineering department provides a wide spectrum of integrated courses in each area of specialization. The courses are carefully designed to respond to market needs due to national economic expansion. The engineering programs of the college offer both general and specific skills preparation for employment in the local market. Engineering workshops and labs at the Engineering department are equipped with the latest technology computers, machines and equipment.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department seeks to advance the student’s knowledge in computer science and information technology to keep up with changing new technologies. The curricula enables the students to be competent and professionally skilled in a technologically complex and diverse society. Students are sent outside for OJT training to gain valuable first-hand industrial experience. Potential careers for IT graduates include working in network administration and technical support to professionals in consulting, installation, maintenance and upgrade of computer equipment, database administration, software development, software engineering, production artistry, graphic design, assistance design, computer artistry, advertising, and catalog publishing. IT department is equipped with computer laboratories such as Cisco, Oracle, hardware, web design, multi media, and network.

One of the strategic missions of this Office is to develop the quality of teaching and learning in our undergraduate programs in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology and Business Studies. > Read more

 Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Shahri

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs