ACT Engineering students win Second Prize in Robotics Challenge Competition at IEEE GCC SYP Congress 2017, Bahrain


The GCC Students and Young Professionals Congress (SYP Congress) is an event (from 7-8 of May, 2017) that takes place every two years in the GCC Region. During the Congress, a wide  variety  of  workshops,  competitions  and activities  are  organized,  dealing  with  interesting topics in diverse technical fields and soft skills.

ACT’s robot ‘ZILZAL’ won the Second Prize in the final round of the event ‘Robotics Challenge’ by competing with 10 teams from other GCC Countries. This has brought glory to ACT and Oman, as it is the only winning team among all the teams from various universities and colleges from Oman.


Teams that participated in the Robotics competition:

  1. Saudi Arabia – 2 Teams
  2. UAE-2 Team
  3. Kuwait- 1 Team
  4. Bahrain- 1 Team
  5. Sultanate of Oman- 2 Teams
  6. Qatar – 2 Teams


ACT ‘ZILZAL’ team includes the following members (students):


  1. Yaseen Ghabish Ghsham Al-Misheifri (B.Tech-CE),
  2. Mahmood Said Juma Al-Falahi (B.Tech-CE),
  3. Ghareeb Jameel Obaid Al Muhairzi (B.Tech -ECE)
  4. Ameera Sultan Hamed Al Hajri ( B.Tech – CE)


The team was guided and coached by Ms. S.V.Tresa Sangeetha as Prime mentor.

Instructor is Mr. Kanagaraj and Ms. Rahila N Gadi as Supporting Mentor.

Ms. Sindhu S. Nair has accompanied the students in Bahrain during the competitions.


Description of the Robotics Challenge

‘The Challenges Theme: Olympics’

First Category - Round #1: 

Moving different shaped blocks: The robot should be able to place blocks of 3 different shapes in the right hole.

Balls Collector Robot: The robots collect the maximum number of LEGO balls in the minimum time. The robots should collect only one ball at a time then move to the mound and put it inside the nest.

Second Category - Round #2: 

Tug of war: A rope would be attached to two robots; each should pull the rope and the first to go beyond the line in the middle losses. If the robot loses any part of its build structure, it loses the round.

Robot Racing:  Each robot is placed in a track and follows a line while going through obstacles. 

Third Category - Round #3: 

Bowling: Robot plays bowling, and has to knock down as many objects as possible to win.

Football (Goal): The robot has to score a goal (a goal keeper will be placed in a random position)

Judging Criteria:

 Points are assigned to each round separately according to the following criteria:

  • Timing (10 points)
  • Completing the round (10 points)


  • Size of arena and the objects specification were not mentioned prior to the competitions
  • Only 2 different types of robots can be used for the entire 3 rounds
  • Weight of the robot should be within 2kg for Tug of war round.


  ‘ZILZAL’ Team chose VEX Robotic kit to build the chassis. The students built 2 different chassis, one for remote controlled rounds with Robotic arm and the other small sized high torque 2kg robot with sensors that is programmed to automatically sense the opponent and take action for the Autonomous round. The students performed well with good practice and preparation and won Second prize next to Kuwait team.