ACT hosts the OCCI Second Stage Awarding ceremony


The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Innovation Award (OCCI) initiated by the Research Council and sponsored by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its Selection and Awarding ceremony for its Second Stage at ACT on 10th September 2017. The slogan for the project was ‘Contribute your ideas ... to raise your country’.


Earlier, ACT, as the center for the province of South Batinah, had hosted the First Stage of the Selection and Awarding Ceremony on 15 May, 2017.  Out of 48 submitted projects, 22 innovative projects from different sectors were shortlisted and presented during this occasion.

Out of these, five projects were finally selected by the OCCI for the Second stage, namely:

  • Creating smart cards by Ameera  Hamed Al-Ghafri;
  • Smart fishermen by Balqees  Kalifa Al-Afari;
  • Testing sugar levels for the elderly and people with special needs by Eshehar  Saeed Al-Malki;
  • Extracting ointment from the roots and leaves of Annona reticulatatree and studying its effect on hair growth by Heba Kalifa Al-Ghafri and
  • An industrial plant paper industry project by Mai Mubarak Thane Al Saadi.


The OCCI has now reached the Third Stage. In this stage, two projects have been selected by the Evaluation Committee.

These include the above mentioned last two projects on ointment extraction by Heba Khalifa Al-Ghafriya, Fayza  Al-Ghafriya and Sharifa  Al-Khatriya and the second involving the industrial plant paper industry by Mai Mubarak Al Saadia.