ACT Math conducts First SDP Seminars for AY- 2017-18

 Author : Dr. Jayaprakash M C, Information Technology

The ACT Math Section conducted its first two seminars, on 7 and 13 September, under its Staff Development Programme (SDP) for the new academic year 2017-18. The first seminar held on 7th September, 2017, titled ‘Effective Teaching Techniques for Different Types of Learners’ was presented by Mr. Bobby Chellanthara Jose.  The seminar highlighted the various techniques that can be used to teach different types of learners in Mathematics.

The second seminar, held on 13th September 2017 and titled Promoting Critical Thinking & Effective Classroom Involvement’, was presented by Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose. The seminar was aimed at developing the powers of critical thinking among learners while working towards the solution of a problem. It also attempted to show how classes can be made lively by involving students in interesting activities.

Mr. Pramendra Kumar, the SDP Coordinator for Math section, delivered the welcome note and opening address for the seminar.

Mr. Bobby Chellanthara Jose began the seminar by providing some useful insights on effective techniques in teaching and learning mathematics. The discussion on the use of learning curves and techniques, especially for the average or slow learner, was informative and useful. In addition, Dr. D. Gnana Rajesh, Head of Department - IT, provided some valuable tips on attracting students’ attention in the classroom through simple techniques. 

Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose started her seminar by explaining the various strategies that can make a class interesting. She demonstrated how mathematical rules could be learnt geometrically and also provided shortcuts to solve problems easily. In addition, she provided various links for promoting  ‘strategic competence through meaningful problem solving’.

Both the seminars provided a macro-view of the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Finally, Ms. Mini Punnoli - Head of Section - appreciated the contribution of staff members and encouraged the production of more such informative seminars in future.