ACT Staff Participates at Academic Advising Symposium in Rustaq

Author: Dr. DivyaJyothi MG, IT Lecturer

A National Academic Symposium was organized at the Rustaq College of Education on 21st  and 22nd of November 2017.

A first of its kind, the symposium aimed at creating a standard definition for the whole process of academic advising, incorporating and applying it to the colleges of technology and higher education institutions across the sultanate. The symposium was attended by several international speakers and experts in the field of academic advising. It also served as a platform to discuss and share the practices of academic advising of different academic institutions across Oman. A number of academic issues and challenges affecting a student’s academic journey, including probation, student retention and student success, were debated upon. Certified workshops were also a part of the two-day symposium.

Mr. Majid Issa Al Rashdi – Head of Registration Office, Dr. Mohammed Ehmer Khan – Academic Coordinator (IT Dept.) and Mr. S.G.M. Shadab – Lecturer (IT Dept.) were the staff members from ACT who participated in the symposium.

Dr. Divyajyothi M. G. (Lecturer- IT Dept.) presented a paper at the symposium.

Overall, the symposium was a great success with all the academicians and researchers sharing their proposals, core values and experiences on Academic Advising.