Administrative and Financial Affairs is committed to creating a sound and ethical working environment and promoting a better quality of life for the staff of ACT. The office provides services to other departments of ACT in the areas of Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting  and Administrative Services.

Office of Administrative & Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs overseets the overall operation of the college by applying strategic planning in attaining and managing the college budgetary requirements. 

The office is headed by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, according to Article 13 of College Bylaws, and supervises the administrative, financial, and human resources departments. The head is responsible for the following:

  1. Supervising the provision of college needs for human resources, administrative requirements, educational and training materials, and equipment, in accordance with the requirements of centers and departments.

  2. Supervising the work in the stores, their annual inventory, records of college property, and its maintenance in compliance with prevailing procedures.

  3. Supervising the implementation of contracts signed with companies; carrying out work for the college.

  4. Supervising expenditure and ensuring compliance with financial procedures.

  5. Supervising the personnel filing system; safekeeping and updating the records.

  6. Presenting periodic progress reports to the Dean regarding administrative and financial affairs.

  7. Evaluating the performance of the heads of the departments and the technical support staff he/she supervises, and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Dean.

  8. Coordinating with the Directorate General for Administrative and Financial Affairs, at the Ministry, on all matters related to the needs of the college and the processing of its financial and administrative dealings, the maintenance of its facilities and the implementation of the contracts of services offered to it.

  9. Carrying out any duties assigned by the Dean, or the College Council.

Administrative Department

The Head of the Administrative Affairs Department has the following responsibilities and authority: (Article 27, A)

  1. Providing the various departments of the college with their needs and estimating the annual funds in coordination with the concerned parties.
  2. Receiving purchases in accordance with the documents and receipts, after verifying their compliance with the prescribed specifications, keeping them in the stores or distributing them to the different departments, and reporting any rejected items.
  3. Supplying the stores with the required materials and keeping records of their specifications.
  4. Organizing stores and supervising the personnel.
  5. Implementing the procedures of periodical or arbitrary store inventories, in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  6. Conducting an annual count of the budget remaining from the previous work.
  7. Complying with health and safety procedures in the stores.
  8. Following up the implementation of the contracts signed for services and maintenance.
  9. Keeping records of college property and organizing its periodical maintenance.
  10. Preparing and arranging the expatriate personnel’s accommodation units and keeping records.
  11. Supervising all the personnel in the department and monitoring their performance.
  12. Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
  13. Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Finance Department

The Head of the Finance Department has the following responsibilities and authority: (Article 27, B)

  1. Preparing the annual budget and presenting annual reports.

  2. Executing purchase orders, filling in the required documents, supervising expenditures, scrutinizing documents and recording journal entries, in compliance with the government’s financial rules and regulations.

  3. Maintaining petty cash, auditing its records and ensuring its compliance with the government’s auditing regulations.

  4. Supervising the college payroll.

  5. Supervising the college cash, participating in its annual count, and performing audit.

  6. Making use of the modern financial systems, and suggesting the necessary modifications on the college financial systems, rules and regulations in coordination with the college and the ministry professionals.

  7. Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

  8. Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department (HRD) supports the college staff, both from the Ministry and Agency, by providing general human resources services such as leave of absence, issuance of certificates, attendance, clearance, transfers, etc. The HRD is located in the 2nd floor of Administration building, with extension no: 309. For HR transactions, the forms can be downloaded in the college portal under Human Resources.

The staff is assisted by their respective contractors such as passports, salaries, visas, tickets, sick leave, medical cards, certificates, maternity leave, resignation, transition to retirement or separations, conditions of service etc. Staff can check the Oman Labor Law for further information.

For more enquiries on human resources services, Agency staff can contact their respective contractor as per the following addresses:





E-mail address


















Al Nawa



ACT, one of the Colleges of Technology under the Ministry of Manpower, has built and maintained a productive relationship with the other Colleges of Technology and also with the public and private higher education.


Assistant Dean For Admin & Financial Affairs