Industrial Visit to


As part of extra-curricular activities for students, the Business Studies Department organized an Industry visit. The HR & Marketing students of the Advanced Diploma course made an educational visit to one of the biggest Mushroom companies in the Middle East, i.e., Gulf Mushroom Products Co. (S.A.O.G.), in Barka on 3 October, 2017. Students were accompanied by faculty members, Mr. Kumaresan Chandrasekaran and Mrs. Simi Simon.


The group was cordially welcomed by Mr.Essam Abdei Hamed Ali, the Health & Safety Officer for Gulf Mushroom Products Co. He provided an explanation regarding the production and packaging processes, as also the HR functions of the organization to the students. Students also got the opportunity to see the all the operations of the factory. They visited the rooms where mushrooms were cultivated. They were also able to see the packaging sections and the cooler area of the factory. The students got some insights into the important aspects of production, operations and the logistics of the company from the tour. They also understood the steps to be taken to overcome the challenges that they may come across at work.  


At the end of the visit, Mr. Hamed Ali clarified the queries raised by the students. The explanations given by him were very informative. The whole activity was totally rewarding as the students were also inspired by it.


The B. S. Department expresses its sincere thanks to Gulf Mushroom Products Co (S.A.O. G) and all its staff members who were associated with this programme.