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The Business Studies Department has the passion for excellence in serving the business educational needs of our community and the global marketplace. Our curricula integrate innovative methods and enriching learning activities. Our faculty members set the highest standards of nurturing our students’ leadership potentials in the global economy. Be one of us. Let us help you build a brilliant future.

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Industrial Visit

Author: Mr. Kumaresan C. K 

The HR & Marketing students of the Advanced Diploma course made an educational visit to one of the biggest Mushroom companies in the Middle East, i.e., Gulf Mushroom Products Co. (S.A.O.G.), in Barka on 3 October, 2017. 

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Business Studies Workshop on Designing Logos

A workshop on ‘How to Transform Your ideas To Logos’ was conducted by Mr. Murshid Al Amri, the CEO of Unique Design (Al Kayan Al Nader) for the staff and students of Business Studies on 3 October 2017 

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The Business Studies Department

The Department of Business Studies is a unitary Teaching Department where eminent faculty members involve themselves in innovative activities.  The Department conducts need-based training programmes, management development programmes, and offers consultancy to industries.

Every year our Department conducts the Leaders Lecture Programme series wherein renowned industry practitioners interact with participants.  We also expose you to the real world through industrial visits, guest lectures from various managerial experts in different backgrounds, and executive meets, apart from classroom discussions.  In this way, you can build awareness and experience the industrial arena and equip yourself for a better understanding of varied aspects of Business Administration.

Academic Program Chart

Our Department runs a program at three different levels: Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor.

Research & Publications - Business Studies

Welcome to the Business Studies Department! Like all the other units of the college, Business department ensures that the path it is heading on addresses the mission and vision of the college. Thus, the department’s effectiveness is oriented towards measuring the outcome - our students.  >Read more

Ms. Nawal Al Hosni

Head of Department - Business Studies