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ETC is responsible for managing and monitoring the availability, quality, and effectiveness of physical resources, and recommending solutions to overcome logistic problems faced by the college. ETC maintains the computers in labs and offices of the college which are equipped with wired Internet access and wireless connectivity throughout the campus.

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The Educational Technology Center (ETC) hosted the first ETC Workshop of the 7 Colleges of Technology under the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) on February 27, 2018. This year’s theme is “Roadmap to Smart Campus”, it is the gathering of technical experts from different institutions for sharing ideas on different aspects of implementing a smart environment.

Computer Services Section

The Computer Services Section provides the computer technology and technical support to meet the needs of the students, faculty and staff. We enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure, communication, and hardware and software by developing and maintaining solutions such as the provision of Internet facility with leased line and wireless connection. We also maintain the computer laboratories across all departments and assign some of our technicians to provide support and services.

The Computer Services Section provides services like server administration, database administration, network (wired and wireless) maintenance, computer labs maintenance, hardware maintenance, and replacement and/or upgrade of IT equipment. The section is also responsible for designing and developing information systems and web-related resources.

CSS Support and Services

Specifically our services include the following:

1. Network and Database Support

Communication in ACT is enhanced by establishing and maintaining the Local Area Network (LAN) to allow storing and accessing of information in a secured database.

2. Hardware and Software Support

Careful evaluation of existing and new technologies determines the necessity to upgrade the college hardware to meet the department’s objective. The softwares purchased by the college is continuously updated to facilitate sharing of information and resources.

3. Web Development and Internet Access

The fast-internet bandwith provides access to the wealth of information available online. Likewise, the college has developed its official website, with online services like portal, forum, and blogs, that allows students, faculty and staff to interact and share information.

4. System Development

The development and implementation of automated systems allows ACT to deliver its services and perform its functions effectively and properly.

Educational Services Section

The Educational Services Section provides the teaching and technical support staff with the necessary educational materials and equipment as well as training and tutorials for quality teaching and learning.

ESS Support and Services

Specifically our services include:

1. eLearning@ACT

This is a web-based resource in which learning occurs via the internet. E-learning courses are placed on a ‘learning management system’, which is basically a website especially developed for that course. All teaching materials are uploaded to this website for students to access on their own.

2. Production of Educational Materials

Relevant and updated educational materials such as books, coursewares, and subscriptions are photocopied and reproduced to supplement the learning resources of the students and faculty. The section is using current technology and equipment at par with the industry.

3. Printing and Photocopying Services

Publishing and printing of large volumes of manuals, hand-outs, examination sheets, etc. id carried out using heavy duty photocopiers installed in ETC and ELC.

4. Academic Gatherings

Workshops, seminars, and conferences in cooperation with the college and the industry are held to impose awareness on the current and future trends in education.

5. Graphics, Multimedia, and Creative Services

Graphics, multimedia, and web-related projects including production for corporate and instructional use are delivered by ETC. The office is located at Building Four - Ground floor, and is composed of staff that handles special projects and requests.

Library Services Section

The Library Services Section supervises the biggest storage of information and learning resources such as books, periodicals, subscriptions and other reference learning materials.

The college library occupies a floor area of 3,528 sq.ft. equipped with magnificent facilities such as the WiFi Internet for students and staff to do research online. Current editions and publications are also available in the College Library.  

The Library Information System is used to monitor the books used by students, faculty and staff. There is also Internet access for students and staff to do research online.

Al Musanna College of Technology maximizes the use of technology to cater to the growing needs of students for research materials aside from the books available in the library.

Located at the first floor of ETC building, the College Library holds more than a hundred volumes of books, newspapers, magazines, and course-ware.

The college procures books and CDs based on the needs and requirements of staff and students each semester. A considerable number of books/CDs are added each year for the benefit of all staff and students. Rules and regulations for borrowing and returning books and CDs are followed by the library to maximize the utilization of existing resources in a reliable manner. The library environment is maintained in such a way that is conducive for learning. Stock inventory is done every year for the verification of resources and its usage.


Library Working Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Thursday : 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Library Services Policy

Library resources are updated and evaluated regularly. The head of the Library Section is responsible for managing its resources. A Library Services Policy is in place and all library operations are subject to this policy. To gain benefit from the library services, staff and student must comply with the Library Services Policy.

Open Access

ACT Library Services is pleased to introduce the Open Access websites for ACT students and Staff.  Open Access provides free, immediate, online availability of books, journals and research articles, along with the rights to use these articles fully in a digital environment. Read more

Educational Technology Center always aims at providing high quality of services for all staffs and students in the college by adapting and implementing state-of-the art new technologies.


Ms. Zainab Al Ma'awali

Head of Centre- Educational Technology Centre