End of Year Credits and Honours to Staff and Students at ACT


In recognition of their efforts, Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, College Dean honored the students and their staff supervisors who carried out outstanding activities throughout academic year 2016 –‘17.

After a year of achievements, activities and various events, ACT honored the students and supervisors who worked hard to make ACT special. To encourage student activities and academic participation and also towards showing appreciation to the winners of national and international competitions, 260 students were felicitated.

During the celebration, the college Scouts, the cultural group Insights and group Okaz for poetry, theater and chanting the Holy Quran, the Friends of Light group , the Tawasil Group , the members of the Student Council, the community of Technical Engineering society and Business Studies, the Information Technology Society and the English Society were honored for their activities and participation.

Ms. Monia Mohammed Al-Farsi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs said, “This honor comes to students and supervisors in recognition for their efforts during this academic year; sharing their knowledge, experience, hard work and stimulation with the students has contributed a lot. I would like to thank all those who contributed to uphold the technology and I hope they would do more in the future”.