Engineering Department organized workshop on Vex Robotics kit for Faculty members of Ibra College of Technology


VEX Robotics kits promote creativity, problem-solving and teamwork through the engineering of students’ own designs. The VEX Cortex Microcontroller is the brain of every VEX robot. It coordinates the flow of all information and power on the robot. 

Six Faculty members from Ibra College of Technology were given training on Vex EDR kit by ACT Engineering staff. It was a one-day workshop on Jan16, 2018 in which the participants were given hands-on training to program Vex Cortex Controllers using RobotC IDE. Various sensors, actuators and remote joystick modules were interfaced and demonstrated. They were also given guidance on building the physical structure.

There was good feedback from the participants who felt that it was interesting and they would add this as a topic in their Robotic course in B.Tech level.

They also sought help in guiding students for various project competitions.

The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Tresa Sangeetha and Mr. Kanagaraj.

The participants thanked the head of the department and the section head for organizing the workshop.