The Educational Technology Center (ETC) of Al Musanna College of Technology (ACT) hosted the first ETC Workshop of the 7 Colleges of Technology ( CoTs) under the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) on February 27, 2018. This year’s theme was ‘Roadmap to Smart Campus’. It was a gathering of technical experts from the various technical colleges for the purpose of sharing ideas on the implementing of a smart learning environment (educational and services).

The event was graced by Dr. Abdul Hakim bin Hilal Al Ismaili, Director General of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Manpower, other delegates from the Ministry, Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, the College Dean, Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Alshahri, Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs and Ms. Monia Mohammed Al Farsi, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs. Also attending the event were the Heads and representatives of the seven Colleges of Technology (CoTs) and other Colleges and Universities such as the Sultan Qaboos University, College of Applied Sciences - Ibri, Middle East College and German University of Technology among others. The companies that graciously sponsored the event were Securado, Oman Computer Network Systems LLC, Al Khalili Group, Bishara and Eram Technology Electronics.

The ETC Workshop was spearheaded by Ms. Zainab Al Ma’awali, ETC Head of ACT with the support of Her Excellency:  Dr. Muna bint Salim Al-Jardani, Undersecretary at the Manpower Ministry for Technical Education and Vocational Training and Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, the Dean of ACT. 

The formal registration started at 8 am in the College Auditorium through the QR code process (QR code sent to the registered participants to make the registration process easy). During the registration, participants were excited to take photographs in the Instagram photo booth, and at the Selfie and Signature Walls placed at the main entrance of the Auditorium.

The opening ceremony started at 9:00AM. With a welcome speech by the Dean of ACT.  This was followed by a video presentation outlining the status and scope of smart campuses.

The workshop was enriched by speeches and presentation from the guest speakers’ Dr. Ahmed Al Hosni of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and Dr. Qualid Ben Ali of German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech). They talked about the Roadmap to Smart Campus and how the future trends of innovation can be deployed to provide a total future and innovative learning experience. They also discussed the smart campus infrastructure (buildings, room, etc.) as well as the smart learning (recent trends used in teaching and learning). After their speech, the awarding of Certificate of Appreciation was given to all keynote speakers and company sponsors.

The Sponsors and ETC exhibition follows after the awarding. Dr. Abdul Hakim bin Hilal Al Ismaili, accompanied by the heads of CoTs, guests and participants, inaugurated the exhibition in front of auditorium at 10.50AM.

The workshop sponsors exhibited their products and solutions for Smart Environment.  ETC Team on the other hand have showcased their innovation on sBasma Biometric Attendance by using Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Mobile by Mr. Krishan Chand Sharma and Anirudh Gautam and Digital Audit by Mr. Midhun, Mr. Nassar PC and Ms. Suguna Raju. 

After the exhibition, the first  batch of sessions were conducted. For session 1, Dr. Munesh Singh Chauhan from The College of Applied Sciences – Ibri presented ‘Harnessing GPU Computing to solve Smart Campus Issues using Localized GPU-Accelerated Nodes’.  The second session was on ‘IOT-based Smart Parking Systems in MEC using Anroid App and ThingSpeak Cloud Based Platform’ by Mr. Shaik Mazhar Hussain and Mr. Yousuf Sulaiman Ali Al Waili from Middle East College. Three was on ‘Scientific Style and Format: APA Citation Style’ by Dr. Salim Said Ali Al Kindi, Sultan Qaboos University.

The second batch follows after the break. These are the ‘Smart Inventory Control for Smart Campus’ by Dr. Amr Mohamed Mohammed Kamal, College of Applied Sciences – Ibri, ‘ICT towards e-Governance’ by Mr. Roland S. Ablian, Ibra College of Technology and ‘Big Data – Opportunities and Challenges’ by Ms. Suad Hamood Suliman Albimani and Ms. Nisha Aloor, ETC-ACT. 

In closing, a Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Zainab Al Maa’wali, ETC-HoC.  She expressed her gratitude to everyone for making the event successful, specifically to the DG, Dr. Abdul Hakim who have stayed till the end, as well as Assistant DG Dr. Ali Al Mughairi and another expert from Ministry of Manpower, Dr. Qasim  Al Murthada. The company sponsors were also been recognized and been given thanks for their generosity, especially to  their major sponsor, Securado.

The HOC-ETC has also expressed her gratefulness to the job-well-done by her ETC Teams. She also emphasized the importance of having a workshop and camaraderie among the 7 CoTs in general and ETC Family in particular.

 Finally, Ms. Zainab announced that the Higher College of Technology (HCT) is going to be the  host  of ETC Workshop 2019.