Industrial visit to Riyada


On Monday 24th of October 2017, 14 students from Information Technology Department (B.Tech Software Engineering) participated in an industrial visit to the Incubation and Business Center at ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Riyada HQ - Public Authority for SME Development.

Riyada is managed by NBC (National Business Center) and seeks to support entrepreneurs and owners of small and micro enterprises, with innovative and promising ideas, sound economic studies and essential resources to achieve their ambition, so as to provide them with suitable working environment during the critical early years of the project. It increases the chance of success by offering technical and administrative aspects at a minimal cost, and assists the project owner to focus on the work for a specific period of one to three years.

The students were given an introduction to the services by Ms. Fathiya Al Hakmani , Director of Incubators & Entrepreneurship Center. The presentation highlighted their efforts to provide special offers to entrepreneurs.  Mr Motasim Al Balushi gave students a brief description of the requirements and also showed them around all the companies in the incubation center.

Students were highly impressed with companies such as Destination Sustainability and Ecity for IT Services.                                                                

Riyada plans to coordinate with business centers and educational institutions to find marketing channels for owners of small and micro enterprises at discounted prices as well as to coordinate with educational institutions to establish entrepreneur centers. ​ 

The industrial visit was very beneficial to the students, many of whom aspire to entrepreneurs in the future.

Thank you, Dr. Shaji Kalistine Apolinmary (OJT Coordinator) for arranging this wonderful industrial visit!