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The Information Technology Department offers courses that empower every student to be productive in the field of software development, networking, and Internet and e-Security. Our graduates can excel in their profession with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards, capable of responding to the changing needs of IT industry and the society.

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Workshop on Advisement & INSPIRA 

Author : Ms. Furat Ali Al Daamee

Dr. Mohammad Ehmer Khan explained the rules and discussed the answers. He focused on rules and regulations like the SGPA and CGPA conditions, cases of student probation, ...

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Workshop on ‘Application of Engineering Mathematics through MATLAB’ 

Author : Mr. Pramendra Kumar

The series of workshops aimed to share with faculty members the basic knowledge of various engineering-based mathematical models and their simulation through MATLAB...

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IT Society of Al Musanna College of Technology

The Club encourages creativity among the students and helps develop their ideas with the assistance of experts.

The Information Technology Department

The Information Technology department seeks to advance knowledge for students in Computer Science and Information Technology to stay abreast of changing new technologies.

IT programs provide both general and well-defined professional education at the Diploma I, Diploma II, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor levels. The curricula enables the students to be competent and professionally skilled in a technologically complex and diverse society.

The department is equipped with computer labs, including a CISCO lab, Hardware lab, Project lab, Multimedia lab and Network lab. OS


Sections and Specializations

Information Technology Section: Students master basic electronics, and the operation and maintenance of computer hardware systems, including peripheral equipment. Lab work gives students practical experience with modern computer systems.

Mathematics Section: This section offers service courses like Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Calculus I, Calculus II, Engineering Mathematics and Probability & Statistics. It also offers regular courses in Managerial Statistics, Mathematics II and Discrete Structures.

Networking Specialization: Provides a clear explanation of the way networks work from hardware technology up through the most popular network applications. Provides the essential knowledge needed to handle, build, operate, and grow local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

Database Specialization: Provides students with the business and technology knowledge to plan, design, and develop database applications.

Internet and E-Security Specialization: Develops skills in computer security and enables students to build a secured computer system. Students operate computer networks and troubleshoot network problems. Develop skills and knowledge of website and e-commerce

Software Engineering Specialization: Provides students with designing, implementing and modifying the software so that it is of high quality, affordable and maintainable. It develop skills to follow a systematic approach to the analysis, design, assessment, implementation, test, maintenance and reengineering of software. And also provides systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software. 


Research & Publications - Information Technology



Programs Offered

                       New Program from September 2016

                        Diploma in Networking.
                        Diploma in software Development.


The department ensures that the students achieved the required Graduate Attributes and the program outcomes. Help Centers in various subjects provide necessary student support. We train our students so as to participate in competitions across Oman.   


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Dr. D.Gnana Rajesh

Head of Department - Information Technology