IT Workshop "Using Google in Education"

 Author: Ms. Furat Ali, Lecturer, IT

The IT Department of ACT conducted a workshop on 13th December 2016 on the topic ‘Using Google in Education’. It was presented by Mr Nebras Alatta, from the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at Sohar University. The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate the use of Google as a tool for learning.


The event was an interesting one and was well-attended by all IT and MATH staff. There was great enthusiasm among the participants and lively interaction.


Ms. Furat Ali, Coordinator SDP, IT Dept. welcomed the speaker and gave an introduction about the usefulness of the topic for academicians. The speaker,

Mr Nebras Alatta began the workshop by providing insights on how the use of   Google Apps would significantly enhance the learning environment.


Mr. Nebras Alatta highlighted and demonstrated the following:

  • Create a site any prior knowledge of HTML or web coding. It uses a similar interface such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  • Collaboratively develop a site with a colleague or team member or students.
  • Insert pictures, videos, docs, sheets or slides directly from Drive as well as other types of content from the web.
  • Access and edit sites from any device.
  • Set websites to private or public, where teachers can control access for students.
  • Start by using a custom template or creating your own or by designing your website from scratch


His demonstration showed how the web elements could be inserted with ease and how one could use the sharing and security settings.

The workshop was an effective one and the participants acquainted themselves with several new and interesting techniques to improve their education, especially through student-centered learning.