National Day Celebrations

ACT celebrated the 47th National Day of Oman on 21 November 2017 with great enthusiasm and a sense of national pride. 


The campus was looking bright and colourful with flags, streamers and buntings everywhere. His Excellency, Sheikh Hilal Bin Said Al Haji, Governor of South Al Batinah was the Chief Guest of Honour. He was seen visiting all the stalls on campus. He was accompanied by Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, the College Dean,  Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Alshahri, Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs and Ms. Monia Mohammed Al Farsi, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs.

The highlights of the programmes on campus this year were a performance by the Folk Art Band, an Exhibition of Fine Arts and Traditional Works, a Photo Gallery, an Instant Photo Studio, a Special National Day Market, and an interesting National Day Car Decoration Show.



There was also an Oman History Contest by Student Affairs, the launch of Reading Box by the ETC, Engineering Society and IEEE exhibitions by the Engineering Department and Fine Arts displays and showcases from the Information Technology Department and the Business Studies Department.



The cultural show in the auditorium included performances by Al Aazi Folk Art, Inshad Operetta, the recitation of patriotic poems and songs, a stage play and a cake competition.

The ACT family spent a pleasant and relaxing day out in the sun and away from the trials and tribulations of the classroom. The event reflected the love and respect of its people for the country and for his Majesty, Sultan Qaboos.