Nizwa College of Technology organizes Theatrical performances to celebrate the International Day of Theater at ACT

The Film and Theater Society of Nizwa College of Technology, hosted by the Department of Housing and Student Activities at Al Musanna College of Technology held theatrical performances to celebrate the International Day of Theater, which falls on the 27 March each year. Plays included the comical play ‘As Rahat Jeet’ brought smiles to the faces of the audience, and the play ‘Brothers demons’, which discussed the issue of people's revolution against corruption.

The plays were performed in the street theater for the students of the college. "The International Day of Theater is one of the most important events for playwrights in all countries of the world because of its great importance to theatrical artists and I was pleased to attend these performances”, student Ibrahim bin Matar Al-Siyabi, a participant, said: “Our participation on this day is to celebrate the International Day of Theater. It is a great honor for us to commemorate this day with plays, and the theater plays a large role in delivering messages through purposeful ways and ideas."

It is worth mentioning that the cinema and theater groups always seek to deliver messages through their plays aimed at the community, activating the Omani theater movement at the internal and external levels.