Oman National Day and Oman Mathematics Day Celebrations

The Oman National Day and the Oman Mathematics Day coming together always doubles the celebrations, both for teachers and students of Al Musanna College of Technology. Events under the banner NATMAT 2017 were conducted to commemorate both the days. The term NATMAT was coined from the words NATional and MAThematics. Three major events were conducted – the first by a teacher to teachers, the second by students to students and the third, exclusively for students.

Event 1 – Workshop on Matlab

A series of workshops were conducted by the Maths Section on Application of Engineering Mathematics using MATLAB, a training programme given by Mr. Pramendra Kumar. This was the introduction needed to start using MATLAB for Engineering Mathematics. Ms. Mini Punnoli – HoS Math Section, presided over the workshop that was held on November 7th.

The introduction to MATLAB was given by Mr. Pramendra Kumar, who explained the simplicity of its functioning and the uses of MATLAB. He introduced many basic and helpful commands for using mathematical functions. The participants were given practice in parallel sessions.

In continuation to the introduction to MATLAB, a session on the application of MAT was conducted on November 14th. This time the participants were asked more complex questions by Mr. Pramendra Kumar during the practice. Problems solved in the Engineering Mathematics class were solved in MATLAB in a very easy way. The seminar ended well with a round of applause for Mr. Pramendra Kumar.

Event 2 – Alpha to Kappa of Calculus

Now it was the students turn to talk about what they had studied in Calculus, but something that is not taught in class. The subject Calculus was chosen to make students in Foundation level aware of the usefulness of the Math courses and to stress the importance of pre-requisiteness of Math courses.  The students prepared their topics and made presentations. The event was held on November 28, 2017.

Dr. Prabhu Natarajan explained the need for Calculus and the event on Calculus. Eight students presented their views about Calculus. The highlights of the event were the presentations by students who had studied Calculus I previously. This was a part of Student-centered Learning and was a grand success as the participants were from various levels, including Foundation, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. There were also some Math lecturers. This mind blowing session was the most effective one for the participating students as it acquainted them with several new and interesting topics related to Calculus, thus creating a new perspective on Calculus and other Math subjects.

The seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Mini Punnoli – HoS Math section.

Event 3 – NATMAT 2018

A competition was conducted for students in Al Musanna College of Technology to bring out their creativity on the topic of Oman and Mathematics. A total of 44 students registered and 32 attended the competition. The theme of the competition was ‘My Country and Mathematics’

The students were given enough time to prepare a model or image, but they had to upload their work only as an image. From mid-November to mid-December the students had the provision to upload the images. It could be a model or sketch/animate/collage/scribble/cartoon. A small description about the concept was to be attached with the image. Students from all levels contributed some images to the contest. 

Some attractive topics like ‘Mathematics in Daily Life’, ‘My Math Classroom’ were included in the contest. The evaluation of these images was done by three scholars from the Math Section using common criteria. They also analyzed the content for plagiarism. The aim of fulfilling the creative urge among students was, thus, achieved through this contest.