Presentation on ‘Aluminium Smelting’ by  Said Al Maqbali, Sohar Aluminium - 29 January 2018


The Mechanical & Industrial Engineering section of the Department of Engineering organized a presentation titled, ‘Aluminium Smelting’ on Monday, 29 January, 2018 for B. Tech students. The presenter was Mr. Said Al Maqbali, Operation Superintendent, Sohar Aluminium. 

The presenter elucidated the importance of Aluminum, its properties and uses. The topics covered also included raw material, resources required, its availability and the market for aluminium products in the secondary sector.  Participants got a good picture of the aluminium smelting process, as the topic was covered it with lot of actual exhibits and videos. The presentation also included a survey of aluminium industries in the Sultanate and other neighboring GCC countries. 

In his closing remarks, Mr. Said Al Maqbali  provided valuable information about the job opportunities and expectation from graduates by industries in general and Sohar Aluminium, in particular. 

The program lasted for almost two hours and got an overwhelming response from students. 

Dr. B Vijayaraj, the Head of Section, honored the speaker with a certificate and a memento for his valuable contribution.