Author : Mr. Kumaresan Chandrasekaran, Lecturer, BS Department

As a part of the extra-curricular activities in the curriculum, the Business Studies Department organized an Industrial Visit on 14 Feb 2018. The HR & Marketing students of Advanced Diploma made an excursion to one of the biggest logistics companies in Oman., the Al Seer Logistics company, which is located in Al Harm, Barka. The students were accompanied by Mr. Kumaresan Chandrasekaran, Course Instructor, Business Studies.


The team was cordially welcomed by Mr. Vishnu Selvaraj, Manager-Demand and Planning, Al Seer Logistics. He gave an informative talk, explaining the processes of demand, planning and other functions of the company to the students. Students were able to observe in person the operations of the company. They visited places such as the warehouse, the packaging sections and the cooler sections of the company.  They had a firsthand experience of the working of warehousing operations and the logistics process. They understood the steps to be taken to overcome possible challenges at work. 


Mr. Ahmed Salem Al Suleimi, Senior manager-HR & Admin. was at hand to answer all the queries raised by the students. Students found the whole activity quite rewarding and inspiring.   


Expressing our gratitude to Mr. Santosh, Mr. Rajarajam and all staff associated with the programme at Al Seer Logistics Company, the visit was concluded.