Seminar on ‘An Overview on GFP MATH’

Author:  Mr. Pramendra Kumar

The ACT Math Section conducted a seminar titled An Overview of GFP MATH on 16 January 2018. It was conducted by Mr. Syed Mohammed Shavalliuddin and Mr. Madhan Narayanan.  The seminar was aimed to provide insights into the structure of Mathematics in the Foundation Programme.

The seminar started with a welcome note and was followed by the opening address by Ms. Mini Punnolli – HOS, Math Section.

Mr. Syed Mohammed Shavalliuddin started his talk by providing valuable information on the mechanism and movement of students at different levels in the Foundation Programme. He also shared various technical points regarding the RESIT Exam (Skill courses). The talk inspired attention and lively interaction among the staff.




The next speaker, Mr. Madhan Narayanan, started his talk by providing information on the components of Continuous Assessment in Mathematics in Foundation. Mr. Madhan Narayanan also showed a shortcut to decode a student’s ID in Excel. The idea was a smart one and won appreciation from the audience.

Overall, it was indeed a very informative and interesting seminar on various components and technical points in foundation program.

Finally, the seminar comes to an end with vote of thanks by Mr. Pramendra Kumar, the SDP Coordinator for Math section.