Author : Ms. S.V.Tresa Sangeetha, Lecturer, Engineering Department 

A Student Activities week was organized in ACT from 11-14 February. During this week, five different competitions were organized by TESACT and IEEE to enable students to apply their technical skills in a competitive environment. The activities organized were a C-Programming Contest, an AutoCAD Competition, an Engineering Quiz, a Playing with Breadboard-Circuit Competition and a seminar on ‘Self-Motivation for Studying’.


Activity 1 – C programming Competition 

The first round of the C-programming competition was conducted on February 11, 2018 in which 31 students enrolled. In the first round, students attended an online quiz with questions on ‘C programming’ in which students were asked to find the output of a code or error of the code in a multiple choice question. Out of 31 students, 10 students were shortlisted for the final round.

The final round was held on February 13, 2018 in which the students were expected to write the C code in code block and get the expected output. The winners were decided depending on the speed and accuracy of the result. The competition was organized by a team of staff from the Electrical section; Mr. Naga Venkata Rama Krishna, Mr. Suresh Yanan, Ms. Fathiya Nasser Hashil Al Harthi and Ms. Mayasa Al Kindi.

 The winners of the competition are:

First Place:

Fatema Hamed Ali Al Maawali (52S14208)


Sharouq Juma Salim Al Bishri (22S146)

Second Place:

Bashayar Sulaiman Said Al Salehi (62S15133)

Third Place:

Amal Khalifa Saleh Obaid Al Harthi (62S1581)

Naeima Nasser Lal Bakhsh Al Bulushi (52S15146)


Activity 2 – Auto CAD Competition 

On February 11, Sunday, Ms. Jama Mary Thomas & Mr. Jun Vincent Suela of Civil and Architectural Engineering section organized an AutoCAD Competition. Each participant from different levels of various specializations in Engineering department were required to encode in AutoCAD software a plotted hardcopy of orthographic drawing. The objective was to measure the individual’s efficiency in using the application to produce engineering technical drawings. Nine students enrolled for the competition.

 The winners of the competition are:

First place:

Abdullah Khalfan Sulaiman Al Rumhi (52S161059)

Second place:

Ahmed Abdullah Ali Al Aabaadi (52S14323)

Third place:

Rahma Mohammed Talib Al Zadjali (52J15396)


 Activity 3 – Seminar for Self-Improvement 

Ms. Mai Mubarak Thani Al Saadi of the Engineering Department gave a talk on ‘How to self-motivate for studying’ on February 12, 2018. This motivational talk was intended to guide the students on how to create interest for studying. Many students attended the seminar and were benefitted.


Activity 4 – Engineering Quiz 

On 13, February 2018, Tuesday Mr. Stalin Kumaradoss, Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial section organized a quiz competition. The questions were from the basics of engineering covering physics, chemistry, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering as well as computer science. The quiz was conducted online in Moodle; nearly 26 students from different specializations and levels of engineering participated in the competition.

The winners of the competition are:

First prize -

Mohammed Said Naser Al Lamki (52S1395)

Second Prize -

Abdullah Khamis Shambeh Al Balushi (52S1523)

Third Prize-

Adil  Zahran Muhana Al Rujabi (52S1384)


Activity 5 – Playing with Breadboard-Circuits Competition 

This competition was conducted for students of Electrical Engineering to test their circuit-building skills. Each team of 2 students was given an electronic circuit diagram and asked to make the connections in breadboard. The output of the circuit had to sound an alarm. Five teams registered in the event and the winners were announced, based on the time taken for making the circuit work with the alarm.

Dr. Vanitha Mahadevan and Dr. Rani Fathima, lecturers of Electrical section conducted the competition and finalized the winners. Mr. Emanuel gave the technical support for the competition.

The winners of the competition are

First Prize

Ali Yousuf Ali Al-Mujaini(52S15131)

Omer Salim Said Al Mujaini(52J15264)

Second Prize -

Ahmed Salim Hamed Al Rawai(52J1710077)

Wisal Juma Said Al-Dohani(62S15219)

Third Prize-

Khalid Abdullah Khalfan Al Balushi(52S14319)

Ahmed Salim Mohammed Al Kharusi(52S14271)