‘The Process of Oil Gathering’ – Seminar by Dept of Engg.


The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering section of the Department of Engineering organized a seminar titled ‘The Process of Oil Gathering’ on Tuesday, 31st October, 2017 for Advanced Diploma students. The presenter, Mr. Khalid Salim Al Abri, Production Engineer, PDO is an alumnus of ACT.

The presentation started with an explanation about seismic surveys and went on to discuss types of wells, oil and gas separators, the layout of oil production station and the oil recovery process. Mr. Khalid explained the process of oil extraction and the equipment used as related to three broad areas – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream: from the well to the shipment point. During the session, he provided elaborate information about the sequence of operations and the process equipment with the help of layout drawings, actual photographs and explicit videos.

The overwhelming response from students was quite evident from their active participation in the discussion that followed. At the end of the session, Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Hinai honored the speaker with a certificate and a memento of appreciation.