Third Year Engineering Week Celebrations

Theme - ‘I am an engineer and creative’

The ACT Engineering Society under the supervision of Students Affairs representatives of Housing and Activities organized an engineering week from 6th March, 2017 to 8th March 2017 for third years.  The theme of the week was ‘I am an engineer and creative’.  The event was graced by the Dean, Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Shahri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs,  Ms. Monia Mohammed Al Farsi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Mr. Abdulhamid Hamdan Humaid Al-Hinai, Head of the Department- Engineering,  staff and students.   

On the first day, a three-day Project Exhibition was inaugurated by the Dean on 6th March 2017. The students showcased many projects from different sections, including cranny recycling and pillars from the Architecture Section and projects from the Chemistry section. Along with the project exhibition, there were workshops conducted. Ali Al Kharousi gave a workshop in the field of Renewable Energy to students from Shaban bin Wael School. He explained the areas of renewable energy and how to use them.  Also, Mr. Yousif Al Salmi from Astronomical Observatory made a presentation on astronomy. He explained the nature of the Milky Way and the galaxies, where he addressed the history of lunar exploration. 

On the second day of the programme, Rashid Al Yahmadi and Muzna Al Saidi conducted a workshop for students of ‘Muladdah School for Girls’ entitled ‘Recycling’. Students were shown how to use natural resources in plastic recycling.  

On the final day of the event, there were two workshops in the field of photography basics provided by student Yassin Almishefri and a workshop in the field of solar energy presented by student Ali Al Kharousi. Amira Al Mairki, student of ACT said “These events highlighted our work as students and the development of our creativity. We participated in an exhibition in the field of Chemical Engineering where we were shown how to use chemical products in scientific experiments." 

The workshop also aimed at giving them the necessary skills and experiences in order to develop their abilities and talents.