Workshop on ‘Car Engine Mechanism and Troubleshooting’ by TESACT

Author: Mr. Stalin K,  Lecturer, Engineering Department

The Engineering Society of Al Musanna College of Technology (TESACT) organized a workshop titled ‘Car Engine Mechanism and Troubleshooting’ on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 for students of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Sultan Saleem Juma Al Balushi, a student of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering was the presenter. He gave an elaborate description of the design and working of car engines, transmission systems, brake systems and engine cooling systems.  He also discussed the common problems in engine maintenance and gave tips on identifying and fixing engine problems. The workshop concluded with a practical demonstration of the operation of the engine ignition system by using a cut section model to start the car.

Nearly 30 participants, including staff and students, attended the workshop.

The Head of Engineering Department Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Hinai presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Sultan Al Balushi at the end of the workshop.