Workshop on ‘Composition in Photography'

A workshop on ‘Composition in Photography’ was organized by photography team, Student Affairs (SA) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 12 p.m.

It was presented by photographer Khalid Abdullah Al Abri, a member of the Al Rustaq Photography Association. He talked about his experience in photography and his membership with the Al Rustaq photography association.  The workshop touched upon factors such as the principle colors, insulation, lines, framing, base of the third, gold points, budgeting, sizes and proportions, touch and shapes, lighting, horizon line, true depth and color depth, appropriate season, side lighting, sight and vision, personal vision, appropriate color, freedom from the rules of sight, visual optical culture and axis of photography, wherein the spontaneity of the discussion between the audience members added a mixture of activity and fun and ongoing interaction between them.

The workshop presented some applications that included theory and practice. Mr. Al Abri finally ended his session with a video show.

At the end of the workshop, Photographer Al Abri was presented a memento by Mr. Hassan Said Al Qaidi, SA.