Workshop on Development of ETC - Operational Plan for AY 2017-2018

On June 19, 2017, ETC conducted a workshop on ‘Development of ETC - Operational Plan for AY 2017- 2018’. The workshop was organized by the ETC QA Team under the supervision of Ms. Zainab Al Ma’awali, ETC-HoC. 


The workshop started with a presentation by the ETC-QA Coordinator, regarding the changes in procedure in creating the Operational Plan (OP) of the College’s Center and Department (CnDs), as per the directive of Quality Assurance Unit (QAU). During the presentation, the ETC-QA Coordinator also presented to the group, the ETC Operational Plan Achievement Report (OPAR) for Academic Year 2016-2017 after the QAU Audit on June 7, 2017. The Strategic Plan (SP) is the main tool for developing an OP, while the OPAR is served as a guide on writing the Implementation steps for the new OP. OPAR results are to be taken into consideration, along with the recommended improvement on identifying the OP’s Implementation Steps to achieve the ACT-SP KPIs.


The second part of the workshop is focused on the development of ETC-OP for AY 2017-2018. ETC Staff were grouped into 5 groups with 8-10 members. Each group has a group facilitator from the ETC QA Team. Each group was assigned to one or two ACT-SP Goals. The group facilitator discussed the OPAR of the goal assigned to them and asked each member of the group their opinion, suggestion and/ or recommendation on how to maintain/improve the ETC services to achieved the KPIs of ACT-SP. After the open discussion, the group drafted the implementation steps of their assigned goal.


After the workshop, all goal implementation steps were submitted to ETC-QA Coordinator for consolidation. Consolidated OP was then forwarded to all ETC Staff for their comments and suggestions. After considering all comments and suggestions from staff, a final draft of the new OP will be discussed with the ETC-QA Team and forwarded to ETC-HoC for approval and submission to QAU.


It was indeed a productive workshop. ETC Staff involvement is the key factor on attaining the objective of the workshop on having an Operational Plan that served as the center’s guide on achieving the Goals and Sub Goals of the college Strategic Plan. The teamwork of the staff and the support of ETC Heads are highly commendable.