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Annual International Day of Action (DoA) against Contract Cheating, 2019 at ACT

Academic Integrity is the foundation of an educational institution. When students submit work/assignments that are honest, reliable, responsible and fair representations of their knowledge and abilities at a particular point in time, they are exhibiting the courage to act with integrity, even when under the stress and pressure of schooling. And when students do this, faculty are able to honestly and fairly evaluate the knowledge and abilities of their students, and our educational institutions are able to honestly and fairly certify students for the good of the Knowledge Economy. Without academic integrity, educational institutions fail to serve a core purpose of their existence – to prepare students for a life as ethical and knowledgeable citizens and professionals.

Contract cheating represents an international threat to the value of academic awards. Students who use third parties to complete their essays and assignments are missing out on key learning opportunities. The use of contract cheating providers, moreover, is frustrating to the bigger majority of students, who are honest and putting in the time and effort to complete their own work.

The first step to counter the menace of contract cheating on campus is to cultivate a culture of Academic Integrity. Without the foundation of Academic Integrity, combating contract cheating will be like trying to put out fires without water. The goal is not simply to stop the cheating, but to develop the next generation of ethical and knowledgeable citizens and professionals.

To address the importance of Academic Integrity, ACT conducted the 4th Annual 2019 International Day of Action (DoA) against contract cheating on 16 October 2019. 

Awareness was created among all staff and students in all academic departments (Business Studies, Information Technology & Engineering). Students actively participated in the Signing of a Pledge and the White Board Declarations and Display of Banners across all the academic departments.

Dr. Halah Ahmed Salim AlKathiri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, addressed the students in classrooms on the contentious issue of Contract Cheating. She stressed that Academic Integrity is the responsibility of every staff and student alike.

The 4th International Day of Action (DoA) against Contract Cheating 2019 was a step forward in fostering the culture of Academic Integrity at ACT.