About QA Department 


College Quality (College Bylaws Article 57, 93 and 94) Quality is a vital part of the College’s Mission, effective planning and careful implementation, monitoring and reviewing of plans are essential to the creation of a high quality institution. Equally important is the commitment of each staff member to understand the college purpose, see his or her role in relation to the institutional goals, and to do his or her job well and with enthusiasm. By maintaining the College quality assurance process, students, staff and stakeholders can be rest assured that teaching quality remains at its best and that daily activities are done efficiently.

With regards to Accreditation, the Oman Academic Accreditation Council (OAAA) is the entity that disseminates quality culture and accreditation of institutions and programs offered in Oman. (ISAM, page 12). ACT has undergone the first stage Quality Audit in 2010 (QA Audit portfolio) and is now preparing for the 2nd stage, Standards Assessment. On October 2019, ACT will submit its portfolio for for OAAA evaluation as to whether the applicable standards (of the nine standards) will be met based on the requirements of institutional accreditation (ISA Manual). The General Foundation Program (GFP) Standards on the other hand, ensures that the program are of an appropriate quality and are effective in helping the students attain the prescribed student learning outcomes in four areas of skills: English, Mathematics, Computing and General Studies. (GFP Manual). Accreditation for GFP program is set to be in November 2019 and currently, all ELC CoTs are working together for its submission.

SP 2013-2014 has finally reached its end and the SP 2019-2024 elements are approved by the Ministry and are set for implementation and awareness to all stakeholders. New College SP will then be developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

The Quality Assurance Department (QAD) follows up the development of the College Self-Assessment. Group of staff were formed per standard and working together to achieve the requirements of the OAAA. ACT’s quality enhancement strategy is driven by an annual quality cycle based on Approach, Deployment, Results and Improvement (ADRI) in which all areas of activity are reviewed and are subject to a process of operational planning and plan implementation.

The QAD monitor the Centers and departments activities, committees and other College wide activities. The department provides guidance to these units in fulfilling QA requirements. Comprehensive and periodic reports are submitted to the Dean and to the Ministry. These reports are also discussed in the College Council and disseminated to staff for awareness.