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The Dean's Message

It is a great honour for me, as a dean, to lead and orchestrate efforts at Al- Musanna College of Technology starting from September 2016. Being at the top of the hierarchy of the college, I could feel and observe the strong work base the college lies on. It is a privilege to work with such a group of esteemed staff and promising students.

Every member of the college staff, both academic and administrative, is committed to the mission and the vision of the college to elevate students to meet the highest quality standards and strive to serve the needs of the external stakeholders in the labour market and the community in general. With pride, I say that our college garners the best academic and non-academic staff of different nationalities with diverse educational backgrounds and experience, state-of-the-art laboratories, workshops and equipment.

Recently, we have upgraded our facilities so as to align the services of our college with the international best practice in Engineering, Information Technology and Business Studies Departments. We are also proud of our alumni, most of whom have secured good posts in the different sectors of the labour market and some of whom are currently pursuing their higher studies. We acknowledge the positive and tangible contributions of our graduates in building the community.

Al- Musanna College of Technology’s website is designed to be a vibrant and reliable source of information for prospective students, their parents, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, local industry and the general public. Your input to improve our web presence is highly appreciated. We look forward to being of assistance to you through this medium and others as well.

Thank you for visiting Al- Musanna College of Technology’s website. We hope that you find these pages informative and interesting.


Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al-Tubi
College Dean