Leading in technological and applied education contributing to the development of a sustainable and knowledge-based society.




To build competitive and innovative capabilities by providing a stimulating environment and effective engagement with community and industry to promote excellence in learning, research, and innovation.




  1. Foster institutional excellence - The University creates a stimulating environment that supports excellence and sustainability in different areas such as governance and management, infrastructure, resources management, and digital transformation.
  2. Achieve academic excellence - The preferred University for students and academics providing them with an inspiring and transformative learning experience which equips graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to contribute effectively to a dynamic global environment.
  3. Pursue excellence in research - innovation and entrepreneurship - The University is a distinguished center for research and consultancy nurturing and attracting researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, contributing to sustainable development.
  4. Build sustainable and strategic partnerships - The University develops and sustains strategic engagement with society and various stakeholders positively impacting education, training, research and consultancy, and innovation.



  1. Integrity - We believe in ethical principles, transparency, fairness, and accountability.
  2. Excellence - We are committed to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our conduct and practices.
  3. Collaboration - We seek opportunities for sustainable cooperation and partnership with society and various stakeholders. 
  4. Loyalty and Identity - We demonstrate respect for Omani culture and a sense of belonging to the University, community, and the country.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion - We value different cultures and experiences.


Graduate Attributes:


1 . Discipline knowledge and skills

  • Have diverse knowledge and skills relevant to the specialization, which can be applied to a dynamic and competitive work environment.


2. Technical and digital competency

  • Continuously update skills to adapt to new technologies.


3. Creativity and Innovation

  • Apply creative thinking to develop innovative solutions to overcome challenges.

4. Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Problem Solving

  • Analyse and synthesize knowledge, facts, and data to provide constructive criticism and solve problems effectively

5. Communication skills

  • Exchange ideas and interact with others effectively in various contexts

6. Teamwork and Leadership

  • Demonstrate professionalism, confidence, and responsibility in a team and leadership roles


7. Entrepreneurial skills

  • Apply entrepreneurial skills to generate ideas and overcome challenges to support the community


8. Lifelong learning

  • Continues self-learning to acquire knowledge, skills, and values.