Marketing is an evolving field where organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs connect with their customers, businesses, and other organizational buyers. With transformation in technology resulting in a more interconnected world, marketing has changed. One key place where that change has occurred is through the courses offered in the marketing specialization.

The marketing specialization aims to develop in-depth understanding and enhance your ability to apply analytic and strategic skills, in order to learn how to adapt in a rapidly changing environment, integrating both tradition and innovation in terms of media, channels or market studies. You will be equipped with a strong theoretical base relevant to consumer behaviour, advertising and promotional activities, brand management, sales management, strategic management, industrial marketing, retail marketing and related marketing decisions.

Graduates in Marketing will have the skills and knowledge to start a career in the following areas: sales, advertising and promotions, public relations, brand management, retailing, and general management.
     Shrikhant Taware
     Head of Section - Marketing
     Business Studies Department