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Welcome to the Civil and Architectural Engineering (C&A) Section of the Engineering Department of University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS-A).

Guided by the Vision, Mission and Goals of ACT, C&A is committed to deliver high quality education to help achieve the academic and personal goals of graduates as future contributors to the national development of the Sultanate of Oman.

The C&A is a multi-disciplinary section that offers two specialized programmes namely: a Diploma in Quantity Surveying and a Diploma in Architectural Engineering, designed to provide outcome-based training in Quantity Surveying, Architectural Design and Presentation, respectively.

The Diploma in Quantity Surveying is a study of concepts and theories on the principles, systems, methods and cost of civil works and construction. Graduates of the specialized program must have knowledge and skills in basic and advanced construction measurement, contracts, costing, estimating and construction project management that may require hands-on training on the manual operations of apparatus, devices or equipment such as theodolites and total station and concrete compression machines, which are calibrated and adequately maintained in a key workshop facility to obtain sustainable quality outputs.

On the other hand, the Diploma in Architectural Engineering is a research-based study of arts and science in building design and built environment, programmed to prepare graduates to be proficient in the conceptualization of efficient, functional and innovative design of spaces that address the demands of time and the occupant’s needs. Graduates of the specialization must be comprehensible and efficient in expressing design intents, based on the given requirements and standards of building design, subject to the appreciation of the target markets of design ideas.

The curricula of the specialized programmes are based on the course outcomes and standards set by the Ministry of Manpower and are aligned to the prerequisites of the higher-level educational institutions and the job market.

The C&A is composed of highly qualified staff with compelling pedagogical skills and outstanding academic credentials.

The C&A Section is committed to observe at all times an adherence to professional ethical standards; thus, dedicated in producing quality graduates to become

competitive, independent and responsible Omani citizens for the national development of the Sultanate of Oman.


    Ammar Arif
    Civil and Architectural Engineering Section
    Engineering Department