Information Technology

Our graduates can excel in their profession with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards, capable of responding to the changing needs of the IT industry and the society.

The Information Technology department seeks to advance knowledge for students in Computer Science and Information Technology to stay abreast of changing new technologies.


Currently, the IT Department offers Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree programs and is home to about 60 staff and 702 students. Students can choose Networking or Software Development as their specialization in the second year of Diploma. At higher levels, Networking branches to Networking and Information Security & Software Development branches to Software Engineering and Database Systems. A common curriculum is followed and courses are delivered to meet course goals, objectives, and outcomes and to achieve graduate attributes.


The department is equipped with computer labs, including a CISCO lab, Hardware lab, Project lab and Network lab..

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IT Section is chaired by Head of Section with faculty members who have expertise in Database and Software Engineering fields. Specialization courses will be offered from Diploma second year onwards. Labs in departments are equipped with latest software for various courses. Apart from regular studies, students are trained to participate in competitions in areas of programming, website designing, mobile application development etc.


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At UTAS-A, the Mathematics Section renders its immense support to the Department of Information Technology, Engineering, Business Studies and General Foundation Programs. Furthermore, the Section helps students to acquire basic to advanced mathematical skills and prepare them to handle the problem-solving challenges that they will soon be facing in their professional more


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Networking Section is chaired by the Head of Section with faculty members who have expertise in networking and information security. The specialization courses will be offered from Diploma second year onwards. Being part of Cisco Academy, the department offers academic courses at all levels. Networking labs in the department contains state of the art equipment.  Every year students are prepared for the competitions and they have won many recognitions. The program prepares networking and information security students to be ready for the industry.


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