The CSS provides computer technology and technical support to meet the needs of the students and staff. The CSS enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure, communication, and hardware and software by developing and maintaining solutions such as the provision of the internet with leased line and wireless connection. This section also maintains the computer laboratories across all departments and assigns technicians to provide support and services.

The CSS provides services like server administration, database administration, network (wired and wireless) maintenance, computer lab maintenance, hardware maintenance, and replacement and/or upgrade of IT equipment. The section is also responsible for designing and developing information systems and web-related resources.

ETC supervises in developing the specifications for technology purchases, provides insights into appropriate technology for application, and assists in the coordination of college resources. Our staff has in-depth knowledge about media technology integration.

Mr. Naseeb Mubarak Sulaiman Alomrani
HoS- Computer Services Section


Network and Database Support


The Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) of the college is managed by the Educational Technology Center (ETC) under its Computer Services Section (CSS) as per the role of the Head of Section (HoS) stated in Article 19 Section B of College Bylaw.

The ITI management is essential to the operation of the computer, network, wireless and telephony systems of the college for its seamless service to the end users.

The Center IT Infrastructure team handle the implementation and operations of the college data center, network and server services, IP telephony services, as well as its security and the CCTV and RFID for the gate pass.

Computer Laboratory and Classroom Technical Support


The College Computer Laboratories are within the supervision of CSS of ETC. Computer laboratories are commonly used for classes related to Information Technology. Other computer laboratories are used as open labs (free access) that can be used by students for doing their assignments and/or any research.

All Computer laboratories are open Sunday to Thursday following the class schedule with assigned ETC Laboratory Technician available from Sundays to Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. In some cases, a laboratory technician is also available in the evening shift until 6:00 PM, to provide support to evening classes. >>Read more 



Technological Support Desk


The ETC Computer Service Section (CSS) has a mandate in providing the college with a working computer system and other IT related devices and equipment.  In line with this support, the Technological Support Team was formed and consists of ETC Helpdesk and Hardware Repair and Workshop.

The ETC Helpdesk System is developed by ETC for proper monitoring and recording of information and learning technology-related problems. ETC ensures that any problem reported to the ETC Helpdesk is attended to properly the end user's issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.  >>Read more


Asset Monitoring


A systematic approach to monitor and manage the assets is essential in having a smooth operation in the college within the supervision of the Computer Services Section (CSS) of ETC. In order to attain this, the Asset Monitoring Team uses the Asset Monitoring System (AMS).  This inventory system services are assigned to end-users to maximize utilization and workplace efficiency.


System Development


ETC has a Software Developer Team that is tasked with the development of windows, web, and mobile application systems for College’s use.

The primary purpose is to automate the manual and repetitive procedures in the College to help the ACT stakeholders do their work effectively and efficiently.



Website Development


The UTAS-A website is the central avenue of information for students, staff and the community as its constituents.  It is the gateway of the college to all UTAS-A’s Stakeholders and the world.

The main purpose of the university’s website is to disseminate and to promulgate the College of Technology’s (CoT) mission and vision in a clear and credible manner.

As per the College ByLaws, Article 19, the college website is managed by ETC

ETC Tutorials and Trainings

ETC technicians have specialized skills and knowledge to conduct tutorials and trainings with UTAS-A students in the field of Information Technology (IT) during short-term courses (  Tutorial Manage System - ETC Short Term Courses schedule) or Enhancement Program Trainings. The topics and contents of the trainings are based on new IT technology and as requested by the Cs and Ds. ETC also supports students with their graduation projects through ETC Short-term Courses (STC). 

UTAS-A as a Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC) also provides practical training to Cisco classes conducted by the IT and Engineering Department. The college’s Cisco Practical Training and Technical support are managed by ETC.

ETC also conducts awareness programs with students, familiarizing them with newly developed software systems of ETC.