The Educational Services Section provides the teaching and technical support staff with the necessary educational materials and equipment as well as training and tutorials for quality teaching and learning.

UTAS- A uses various channels of communication such as circulars, notice boards, and LCD TVs. Each staff has his/her own personal computer with an Internet connection. E-mail accounts are provided for the exchange of messages and information among employees. ETC created the Network team for network maintenance and the Web and Portal team for managing the interactive portal and college website.

Specialized ETC technicians handle graphics, multi-media, and web-related projects for instructional use or college-related activities.

Mr. Sultan Khamis Al-Harrasi
HoS -ESS, Educational Technology Center

ESS Support and Services

College e-Learning


UTAS-A with its commitment to the provision of Information and Learning Technology Services (ILTS) to its stakeholders, and UTAS-A’s promotion of the usage of Information Technology in learning, uses a Learning Management System (LMS) for the Lecturers and Students courses.

The aim of using this technology is to have a platform wherein the Lecturers and Students can collaborate with one another on topics related to their courses. This technology is of great use to both the Lecturer and student population as it is available 24 by 7 and accessible within and outside the college premises.

Printing and Photocopying Services


To fulfill the printing and photocopying requirements of the college consistent with the college resources. UTAS-A established procedures for the acquisition and use of printing, duplicating, and photocopying equipment by centers and departments. This is to ensure that all requests made by staff and students are attended to on a “first come, first serve” basis and all procedures are followed for smooth delivery of service.


Events Coverage and Photography


The ETC Audio-Visual Technician is responsible for setup, running, and takedown of audio/visual (A/V) equipment during events and programs throughout the campus. The Audio-Visual Technician will also provide technical assistance and support during events as requested or as needed. It is important that the Audio-Visual Technician should be familiar with the building, its Audio-Visual equipment, policies, programs, services and the day-to-day schedule of events.

Graphics and Multimedia


Graphics and Multimedia play an important role in information dissemination through the use of graphics, video, photographs and audio. UTAS-A utilizes Graphics and Multimedia for different resources in the college. They are being used in social media, websites, educational materials, posters and signage, certificates and more.

ETC is tasked with the handling and management of college Graphics and Multimedia. ETC also use graphics and multimedia in making the dissemination of information more effective and engaging.

ACT Interactive Portal


ETC maintains and manages the college Interactive Portal (iPortal). The Cs and Ds and the college-wide committees utilize the iPortal for their data management and communication purposes. iPortal is also used by the college’s student society.

A dedicated team, iPortal and SharePoint Team is responsible for the management and maintenance of the college iPortal using the SharePoint Server.

Social Network (Content Management)


The content of UTAS-A’s Social Network Accounts and Website is managed by ETC in coordination with the Cs and Ds Social Network (SN) Coordinator. ETC ensures that the SN Content is properly managed and ensures that the college public gateway is producing and publishing up-to-date information in an appropriate and creative way.  The SN Content and Information comes in many forms such as; student and staff’s achievements, awards, research that receives recognitions from various groups outside the college, workshops and conferences being held in the college.


ETC - Short-term Courses


ESS is also responsible for handling Short-term Courses (STC) for students. All STC is coordinated with the Tutorial and Training Team of ETC.

If needed/possible ETC also conducts Short-term Courses for graduation project students. This is coordinated to the ETC-STC Team.