ACT concludes Student Activities for AY 2018 – ‘19

The closing ceremony of the student activities for the year was held on Tuesday, 11 June, 2019, at the ACT Auditorium under the patronage of Dr. Issa bin Saif Al-Tubi, the College Dean.

The ceremony started with an audio-visual presentation of the highlights of the academic year 2018-2019, and the important achievements achieved at the local and international levels. The video presentation covered the National Day celebrations, the various activities throughout the year, the graduation ceremony and its joyous moments, the theatre week and the Student Activity week made up of workshops, lectures and events.

Mr. Mudhaher Al Ajmi – Head of Student Activities, Housing & Graduation – delivered a welcome speech, in which he expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to all students and staff of the college for their efforts to ensure the success of student activities during the academic year. He thanked the Okaz poets for their poems and the Jawala family and the Inshaad group for their dedication and voluntary services.

He thanked the theater group for their amazing performances and their continued creative coverage. He thanked the sports community for their creativity and athletic achievements, the English language community, the Engineering, IT and Business Studies communities for their efforts. He also thanked the Student Advisory Council. He thanked, in particular the Dean of the college, Dr. Issa bin Saif Al-Tubi, for his assistance and support in conducting and carrying out student activities successfully.

More than 200 students were honored and awarded for their achievements during the year in over 55 activities, which included the cultural, the artistic, sports, social and academic events.

"It is a great honor for me to be one of the students who has been honored. This shows the keenness of the College administration and the constant interest in student activities," said Byan Al Ma'amari – Student at ACT. "This is a great incentive for us to make further progress during the coming academic year."