ACT Engineering students win First Prize in Finals of GCC Robotics Challenge 2017 


A local round in Oman for GCC Robotics Challenge was held in Sultan Qaboos University on March 20, 2017 and the teams ‘ZILZAL’ from ACT and ‘AWASR’ from Sultan Qaboos University were qualified to represent our country in the final round in Qatar on April 29, 2017


ACT ZILZAL won First Prize in the final round by competing with 10 other teams from other GCC Countries and brought glory to ACT and Oman.


Teams that participated in Final Round:

  1. Effat University Team1, KSA
  2. Effat University Team 2, KSA
  3. University of Bolton, UAE
  4. Canadian University, Dubai, UAE
  5. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
  6. Al Musanna College of Technology, Oman
  7. Qatar University Team 1
  8. Qatar University Team 2
  9. American University of Middle East, Kuwait
  10. Kuwait University
  11. AMA International University, Bahrain


ACT ‘ZILZAL’ team includes the following members (students):

  1. Yaseen Ghabish Ghsham Al-Misheifri (BTECH-CE),
  2. Mahmood Said Juma Al-Falahi (BTECH-CE),
  3. Thuraya Salim Mohammed Al Sulaimi (AD-CE),
  4. Ghareeb Jameel Obaid Al Muhairzi (BTECH-ECE) and


The team was guided and coached by Ms. S.V.Tresa Sangeetha (Prime mentor), Instructor, Mr. Kanagaraj and Ms. Rahila N Gadi (Supporting Mentor).


A grand reception was arranged at the airport for the winning team and the team was appreciated by Her Excellency Dr. Mona Salem Al Jardani , Under Secretary for Technological Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Manpower  in the presence of our Dean Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi , Assistant Dean Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Shahri, Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Hinai (HOD-Engineering), Dr. Vijayaraj (HOS-Mechanical Section) and Mr. Mohammad Sajid Ali (HOS-Electrical Section).


Description of the Robotics Challenge

The GCC Robotics Competition involves 6 rounds of tasks to be performed by the robot which include both Remote-controlled and Autonomous rounds. In the Autonomous round, the robots are programmed to execute the following tasks independently:

  • Follow various straight, curved and discontinued lines and avoid obstacles based on their colour
  • Pass through a maze with no line to follow and take turns depending on different colour sign boards and
  • Fight with an opponent robot and push out of a circular arena.

 In the Remote-controlled round, the team needs to remotely control the robot to do the following tasks:

  • Grasp, hold and upload barrels of varying weight onto a tanker and push a button to send the tanker to its destination
  • Grasp hanging balls and drop in designated positions in a sloped terrain
  • Kick a ball to reach a football goal.


Our students were trained to work on VEX Robotic kit for this competition. They were guided to design the chassis according to the specification given in the rules. They learnt programming on Vex kit and were able to quickly change both the chassis design and program within the short time interval between rounds.


It was a great learning experience, both on hardware and software and our students performed with good presence of mind, smartness and team coordination during the competition and won the prize.