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ACT GFP Conducts Staff Awareness Sessions

ACT-ELC Quality Assurance Committee organized a two-day awareness session for GFP staff on the 5th and 7th of January 2020 at CC106. The sessions aimed at introducing the staff to the Common Quality Audit Portfolio (CQAP), the Improvement Plan based on CQAP and the Quality Audit Process and Visit. The sessions also included the presentation of policies and procedures and the activity plans of the Staff and Student Support Committees for the forthcoming semesters.



The event started at 8:30 a.m. with registration followed by the opening remarks and the session overview by Dr. Nihad Al Zadjali, HoC-ELC. The highlights of the four scopes of the Portfolio were then discussed. Scope 1, which is about Governance and Management was presented by Dr. Nihad, followed by the discussion of Scope 2, GFP Student Learning, by Dr. Faisal Al Saidi, HoS-CTM. Scope 3 which talks about Academic and Student Support Services was presented by Dr. Annie B. Domede, ELC-QA Coordinator while Scope 4, Staff and Staff Support Services was shared by Ms. Autumn Nicole Dinkelman, ELC-QA Committee member. The Audit Process and the GFP Improvement Plan were also presented and discussed.