ACT - Global Entrepreneurship Week

Al Musanna College of Technology concluded the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, held from 11 to 14 November 2018. The week was titled ‘Bring Ideas to Life’, in line with the verbal slogan used throughout the world, which celebrates this week in order to create an interactive environment between entrepreneurs and college students who are seriously considering the entrepreneurial experience.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week was launched through the school programme for school students in the southern Batinah Governorate. Dr. Nasser Al Baimani, Lecturer in the Department of Business Studies, presented a definition of entrepreneurship in the Sultanate and the sectors in which a new project could be launched. Mr. Talib Al Baloushi, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit at the College, presented a paper on innovation in entrepreneurship. Mr. Omar Al Baloushi, lecturer in the Department of Business Studies, spoke about the marketing mix.

The first day concluded with a talk about the organizational structure of the emerging companies in different sectors, from the presentation of Ms. Boshra Al Saadi – Lecturer, Department of Business Studies.

On the second day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the College hosted 10 work leaders in various scientific disciplines. In the Engineering Department, 6 speakers presented papers on entrepreneurship in the field of Quantitative Survey, Electrical Power, Architecture, Computer Engineering and Electronics. In the Department of Information Technology, there were 3 speakers in the fields of Software, Networks and Information Security. In the Department of Business Studies, 2 entrepreneurs presented two lectures on entrepreneurship in the field of Human Resources and Marketing.

The third day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week included a panel discussion on entrepreneurship in Oman. Dr. Zahran Al Salti, Director of the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, talked about the impact of social media on entrepreneurship. Mr. Hamoud Al Hamdani, Director of the SAS Center for Entrepreneurship, spoke about the skills and expertise required for small projects. Mr. Ibrahim Al Jahwari, Marketing Specialist, General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, spoke about the services provided to the Employer. Mr. Rashid Al Sulaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Dakhon Enterprises, spoke about the specifications to be followed by the entrepreneur.

The week included an exhibition for start-up companies in the areas of nutrition, entertainment and luxuries to spread the entrepreneurial culture and encourage students to experience a wealth of encouraging factors to launch a pilot project after graduation.