ACT hosted an awareness programme for the Nanotechnology

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, ACT hosted an awareness programme for the Nano City of Oman through paper presentations on Nanotechnology and its uses in many industries. In addition, there was a showcase of an exhibition which included many products on how to produce at low cost with high quality, new fields for young entrepreneurs and investment in Nanotechnology, which is the most important technological development of the 20th century that contributed to the formation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The programme began with an opening speech by Dr. Issa Bin Saif Al-Tubi, Dean, ACT who said that Nanotechnology was the most important technological development of the twentieth century. This technology has contributed to many industries and inventions in the fields of communications, medicine, agriculture, engineering and other fields. Today many countries are seeking the science and knowledge to enhance their progress in the scientific field of nanotechnology. Also, he explained the definition of Nanotechnology. He discussed its uses in the industry in various economic sectors, as well as its use in building the research, educational and training capacities of Omanis in this field. Also, he added, that this was the opportunity for entrepreneurs to open specialized projects in Nanotechnology. "The Fourth Industrial Revolution needs a qualified human leadership with many sciences and knowledge", he said. He highlighted the importance of this technology as one of the fields of modern science that is popular in our daily life without being felt, as its application in the Sultanate would contribute in pushing the development process due to its low cost and the effectiveness of its results.


Dr. Abdulredha Al-Abdowani, member of the Board of Directors of the City of Nano-Oman, spoke of the term ‘Nanotechnology’.

He said that the term Nanotechnology was an emerging new technology in many emerging countries and would provide a large number of jobs, as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs to open small and medium enterprises. There are many experiences of countries such as America, Iran and China in the use of this technology. These countries have recently begun using this technology which has contributed to the diversification of their sources of income, increased the volume of their investment, all of which is reflected in the GDP of these countries.

According to him, the Nanotechnology project in Oman would be launched in three stages, starting with the launch of the Nano Educational Portal and then the creating of job opportunities for graduates of colleges, universities and entrepreneurs, especially graduates of technical colleges. The final phase would last for about seven years. He then formally inaugurated the exhibition, which included many products and exhibits using Nanotechnology.