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'Building a Culture of Academic Integrity among HEIs in Oman'

Challenges and Solutions

 Department of Business Studies



Warm Greetings!!

Al Musanna College of Technology located in the Al Batinah South Region and it is recognized as one of the premier technological colleges committed to provide a high quality learning, training and research environment towards developing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever-evolving social and economic needs.

Academic integrity constitutes the substratum of success for all the educational institutions. Nurturing high standards of academic integrity in educational institutions will not only enhance the reputation of the institutions but also profoundly contribute to the process of nation building. Assimilating academic integrity is the core responsibility of everyone who are involved in the academic sphere. As the contemporary digital era presents the ease of access to unlimited knowledge, the subject of academic integrity has gained paramount importance. In this juncture, the Business Studies department of ACT aspires to lead the process of reinforcing and reiterating the holistic culture of academic integrity among the HEI’s in the Sultanate of Oman by organizing a one-day seminar entitled “Building a Culture of Academic Integrity among HEIs in Oman: Challenges and Solutions”

The seminar aims to constitute a platform for a detailed discussion on the coetaneous challenges in practice and to attain the possible solutions in combating academic dishonesty. It comprises a series of workshops for both academicians and students and a panel discussion session as well. The comprehensions and outcomes of the seminar will be summarized to serve as a genesis for specific actions and congruent strategies that could be practiced in achieving academic integrity across HEIs in Oman.


  • Identify underlying ethical and moral principles of academic integrity
  • Identify the importance of academic integrity to all stakeholders (Students, Staff, HEIs, and society)
  • To reaffirm academic integrity as a core institutional value.

When: 13th February 2020

Where:Al Musanna College of Technology

For Whom: Academician & Students



For Registration Details Contact: 

Dr. Alamelu Mangai Alamelu@act.edu.om GSM: 97149801, Registration Coordinator

Ms. Shagufta M Farooq shagufta@act.edu.om GSM: 99068262, Seminar Coordinator