ACT, the first technical college to establish a Technology Transfer Office

ACT, supported by The Research Council will be establishing a Technology Transfer Office, the first technical college to contribute to the transfer and marketing of technology, to keep pace with scientific research and innovation. ACT was able to win the confidence of the Scientific Research Council on 9 December 2018.

The office will be one of the pillars that will contribute to the support of innovation, after the College opened the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit earlier this year. The Office's vision is in line with the vision of the Sultanate of Oman by transforming projects and research innovations into projects of social and economic value to help achieve vision. It will create an innovative environment at the College that ensures the sustainability of technology transfer and provide all sectors with the services required by the Office during the coming period.

Mr. Taleb Hamood Al Balushi, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit, said: "The process of technology transfer goes through several phases. It starts from the stage of monitoring and studying research projects, evaluating them, studying their applicability, registering them in the IP department and obtaining a patent for the protection of projects by hosting the industrial sector in the workshops as well as presenting innovations in competitions and exhibitions that support innovation in the Sultanate. The Technology Transfer Office will serve the local community by monitoring the challenges facing different sectors. The College will utilize all available means and resources available from academic, administrative, laboratory and workshops staff to reach solutions that contribute to innovation and contribute to the development of innovators in the Sultanate. The Office will be a link between the industrial sector, the local community and the academic sector for appropriate solutions.”

Dr. Aziza Abdullah Al Qamashoui, Faculty, Department of Business Studies, said that the technology transfer office in ACT would work as a channel of communication between the educational and research institutions and the economic and social sectors in the Sultanate. The Office is expected to create many opportunities for young people by transforming research projects into projects of economic value that attract investment through the transition to a knowledge economy.

Ms. Rawdha Ali Al Balushi, Faculty, Department of Business Studies, said that ACT sought to support innovative projects by providing all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to complete the project and transforming it from a model to an existing project. She pointed out that the college had always played a prominent role in embracing student ideas since its inception. Therefore, the Technology Transfer Office would play a significant role in increasing the number of innovative student projects, as well as expanding their knowledge of intellectual property, not only within the college campus but also in the neighboring society. The office would deploy a clear mechanism for receiving and registering individual ideas as well as developing them.