Awareness Session on ‘Online Risk Management System ( ORMS)’ 

Author: Mr. Stalin Kumaradoss 

The Department of Engineering organized an Awareness Session on ‘Online Risk Management System (ORMS)’. The programme was conducted on Tuesday, 12 February 2019. It was presented by     Mr. Jefferson Verzosa from the ETC. Faculty members from the Engineering Department actively participated in the session.

The programme also aimed to enlighten on how to report and register hazards or incidents related to health and safety. 



The topics covered, hence, included the Registration of hazards or incidents related to either Risk, Health and Safety through the ORMS portal available on the college website, Categorization of the risk by the Risk Coordinator of the Department, Management of risk by the coordinator based on the frequency of its occurrence, and, finally, registering the same at the College Helpdesk for resolution of the risk.



The session lasted for about an hour. Around 70 staff members, including members of the Health and Safety Committee and the Risk Management Committee attended the session. The session was very useful and informative.