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Author: Dr. Rachappa Jopate, IT Department

An Awareness Session was conducted by the IT department on building the departmental Operational Plan 2019-2020 and awareness on Strategic Plan 2019-24 on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.  The presenter was Dr. Rachappa Jopate, the QA Coordinator, IT Department. 

Beginning with Session 1, Dr. Rachappa Jopate, gave an overview of the new Strategic Plan. He reviewed the identified Goals, Objectives, and Key Performance Indicators and explained the importance of the various factors they included. 

In Session 2, all staff members were asked to review the Operational plan template and come up with new KPI’s and the actions that were to be incorporated.  The staff came up with their recommendations on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Actions, Time frame, the responsibilities and risk-related consequences based on the related KPI’s of the Strategic Plan.  

 Basically, all participants were divided into three groups, each with an identified group leader.  Each group was assigned a goal that needed to be discussed and reviewed.   The KPIs and their actions were identified and there was discussion on the sub-indicators and other factors to be deployed.

 The overall objective of the workshop was to strengthen the functions of planning and implementation of the goals of the new Strategic Plan.  The Operational plan was meant to be a tool for carrying out the Strategic plan effectively.  

Special thanks go out to our HoD for IT, Dr. Najiba Said Hamed Alzadjali, our HoS for Networking, Dr. Lenin and to Ms. Mini Punnolli, HoS  for Mathematics and all IT Staff for their active participation and valuable contribution to the workshop.