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Awareness Sessions for Engineering Faculty on ISAA Standards

Author: Dr. C. Ravichandran, Engineering Department

The Quality Assurance Office of the Engineering Department has been organizing Awareness Sessions on OAAA standards over the last few months.

Mrs. Analene Montesines-Nagayo conducted a presentation on Standard 4 – 'Staff Research and Consultancy’ on 17 September 2019. Her presentation focused on introducing the staff to Standard 4 and identifying the external stakeholders involved in research and consultancy. She also discussed Standard 4 in relation to the Mission and Strategic Plans of the College, as well as the Operational Plan and Activity Plan of the department. Moreover, she acquainted staff with the college and department activities related to Standard 4. Lastly, she informed staff regarding the gaps and challenges to be addressed to meet the criteria for Standard 4.



A workshop on ‘Developing Operational Plan - OP-2019-20’ was organized on 5 November 2019. Ms. Noura Said Abdullah AlKiyumi, Dr. M. Senthil Kumar and Mr. L. Nahum Bravo briefed staff members on developing the Operational Plan. Staff members were divided into three groups for the three goals and were briefed on how to develop indicators to achieve the objectives and goal. Feedback from staff members was consolidated by the group heads and the Operational Plan of the Engineering Department for 2019-20 was developed.

Ms. S. V. Tresa Sangeetha, gave a presentation on Standard 2 – ‘Student Learning by Coursework Programmes’on 12 November 2019. The requirements of Standard 2, viz., Vision & Mission, teaching and learning methods, the assessment methods, related policies and procedures were explained in detail. The 11 criteria in Standard 2, and the processes followed in ACT relating to these criteria, were discussed. There was a Rapid Fire Quiz after each criterion and the staff members volunteered enthusiastically. To ensure participation from all staff, work sheets were given to staff to fill in the answers. It turned out to be a very fruitful and interesting session, thanks to the vibrant audience.