College Bylaws, Policies & Guidelines

29 May 2022


Presentation on “College Bylaws, Policies & Guidelines".

Mr. Osama Al-Saadi - Technician in Engineering department

Mechanical Engineering section of the Department of Engineering organized a presentation on “College Bylaws, Policies & Guidelines" on Sunday, 29th May 2022 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM. In this presentation, Mr. Osama Al-Saadi presented the college bylaws comprising 11 parts. In his presentation, he explained that part 1 of these bylaws is about the Definitions and Objectives of the University. Similarly, parts 2,3 & 4 explain the position structure of the staff i.e. who they are and what are their responsibilities. He explained about the Laboratory and Workshop Technicians positions too.


The presenter then went through some other parts of the by which are: Admission, System and Duration of Study, Examinations and Assessment, Discipline and Order, Student Disciplinary System, Duties of Teaching and Technical Support Staff, and Quality Assurance. The presenter then explained the difference between UTAS-A and CoTs Policies. A brief explanation of each one of UTAS-A policies was done.


The presenter chose some policies from the CoTs policies for his explanation. At the end, he presented the UTAS-A Guidelines. The session was interesting as it covered a lot of important information, and it focused on how to relate any activity or matter in the University to the bylaws and policies. He concluded that unfortunately, all bylaws and policies and guidelines have not been updated yet. There were 16 participants who attended the presentation.