Engineering Student of UTAS-A Wins 2nd Prize in the App Development Challenge 2021

28 Oct 2021

Ms. Zaima Abdullah Al Mazouri, a BTech-ECE student of UTAS-Al Musannah won the Second Prize in the recently concluded App Development Challenge held on 2nd October 2021. This competition was organized by the ISACA Student Group (ISG), UTAS-Al Musannah in collaboration with ISACA Muscat Chapter as part of the ISACA Community Day.

As per the requirement of the competition, the participating team has to develop a mobile app with a functionality to “DISABLE” social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) once students enter the UTAS-Al Musannah campus. Ms. Al Mazouri, under the supervision of Dr.  S.V. Tresa Sangeetha, developed a Location Sensitive Mobile App called UTAS-A Browser using MIT App inventor that blocks access to social media websites inside UTAS-A campus.

The winner was appreciated by the Head of the Department, Mr. Abdul Hamid Alhinai and Head of Section, Mr. Mohammad Sajid Ali.