HRDC-Engineering Department Holds Webinar on Polymer Bearing Wear

12 Oct 2021

The Human Resources and Development Committee (HRDC) of the Engineering Department organized a webinar on “Evaluation of Polymer Bearing Wear Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring System" on Tuesday, 12th October 2021 from 12.00PM to 2.00PM. The live session was delivered by Mr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Hammadi, a lecturer of the Department of Engineering, UTAS-Al Mussanah. The primary aim of the session was to provide an overview of the polymer bearing and the use of acoustic emission monitoring systems to detect bearing wear. This main aim was broken down into several other objectives which include figuring out the place to attach a sensor, collecting data methods, employing experimental variation, and defining the techniques used to analyze the data.


Mr. Al Hammadi discussed in detail about machinery failure and its effects. He highlighted that such failure can cause too many issues including wastage of both money and time which may damage the reputation of the manufacturer and may result in the need to spend additional time on figuring out the nature of the failure. In addition, he talked about the three (3) most common problems associated with machine malfunction such as obsolescence, surface degradation, and accidents. 



He also shared that most of the cases resulting in loss of usefulness are due to surface degradation which includes mechanical wear. He pointed out that bearing wear is quite familiar especially in rotating machines as the majority of problems that occur in these types of machines are caused by a faulty bearing. However, as underscored by Mr. Al Hammadi, there are several tests that can be used to monitor bearing for comparative assessment, continued quality control, and technical validation. He mentioned that acoustic emission system nowadays is considered to be an innovative technology that can help reduce cost, detect bearing faults early and rapidly, as well as maintaining a high degree of sensitivity.


The program was opened by Mr. Karthikheyen Shanmugham, HRDC Member of Engineering, who welcomed Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Hinai, the Head of the Department, Dr. B. Vijayaraj, Head of Section and the staff members. He also introduced the guest speaker to the 41 participants.